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Tummy tuck  Dos and don’ts 

Tummy tuck in Sydney

Having undergone Abdominoplasty/tummy tucks procedure, you will find that there are a number of things you are supposed to do and those which you are required to do. These are post-operative procedures that a good surgeon will give you as instructions. You will however find that there are patients who forget the instructions given, hence affecting the healing procedure as well as endangering their lives.

Let us look at the dos first

Taking the medication

Your surgeon will prescribe to you some pain killers after the Abdominoplasty/tummy tuck procedure and you will be required to follow the instructions on how many to swallow and after what duration of time. Some patients forget or delay taking the pain killers at the appointed times, only for them to experience pain. Ensure that you take you pain killers as prescribed without skipping. The tummy tuck surgeons in Sydney center ensure that you are monitored during throughout the whole process, before and after your tummy tuck surgery.


It cannot be overemphasised the importance of taking a balanced diet as well as taking plenty of fluids. They will help you greatly during the healing process.  Ensure that you incorporate fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates for energy.

Seek help

At this point that you are convalescing, you are too weak to take care of things in your house such as feeding your child. Enlist the help of someone close to you so that things go on smoothly in your house until you are strong enough to do such things on your own.


Your tummy is your focus and the goal is to ensure that you heal well. Tummy tuck is quite similar to liposuction surgical procedure. You can hasten your healing process by massaging it gently as often as you can. Massaging the tummy has been found to be quite effective in improving the circulation in the tummy.

Maintain the healthy attitude

Whilst recuperating, your mental attitude has great bearing on your healing process. Hence; you should be keen and positive towards your eventual healing. Start seeing yourself as already healing and having a fabulous body. You will be surprised at how fast you will get over it. It is important to give yourself patience during the healing process. Some patients spend time outside in the sun to uplift their spirits while others simply read a good book; do anything that makes you feel good.

Now, let us look at the don’ts

Sydney Tummy tuck clinicNote: The healing process of Tummy tuck surgery is not similar to other surgical procedure like breast augmentation or breast implants. These are some of the things you should not do after the tummy tuck surgery. You definitely don’t wanna compromise the healing process.

Cleaning your house

Many tummy tuck surgery patients commit themselves to tasks that compromise their healing. When you carry out household chores like cleaning, the healing process is tampered with hence you may even start bleeding.

Lifting heavy objects

Lifting dumbbells, your kid to any other object is the wrong thing. You have some stitches on your abdomen that are delicate. When lift t objects, the weight will put pressure on your tummy and you will not be able to heal properly.

The result and healing process of the surgery may vary on every patients. Some patients may pose excess or loose skin after a tummy tuck surgery. This is due to some specific reasons but note: You can always decide to eliminate it through a small surgical procedure called body lift. Discuss this matter to your surgeon so you will be guided properly.


Driving your car after surgery is disallowed. You are still not strong enough to drive.Instead; you should ask someone to help you with driving until you are strong enough. Driving after surgery may vary in few different factors depending on the result of patient’s surgery and the type of surgery performed.


It is not advisable to carry out any form of exercise, save for a little walking.

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