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Things you should have after tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty is the surgical procedure that involves making the abdominal muscles tight after exercising and losing weight. You will also find that there is deposition of fat in the abdominal wall which gives you a bulge. The procedure is aimed at getting rid of these fat deposits so that you can have a leaner appearance. Women who gave birth in particular are popular candidates for this procedure so that they can restore their hour-glass procedure after having children. Once you have undergone through the procedure, there are a number of things that you will need to help with the tummy tuck recovery process. Let us look at some of them.

Cotton panties

Cotton panties are useful after the procedure because you will be bleeding and oozing from the scars for a while. This is not supposed to scare you since this will only happen for a while and the bleeding will stop.

Milk of magnesia

After your tummy tuck procedure in Sydney clinic, you will realize that that you will have a problem with your stool. It becomes very hard, which is a normal reaction to the procedure. As such, you will require the milk of magnesia which is used as a softener for your stool so that you can have normal bowel movement.

tummy-tuck-procedure sydneyAn aide

After the discharge, you will  find that you are not going to be able to carry out  many things on yourself, hence will need someone by your bedside for about 3 days or so. This is particularly so if you are a young mother and you require someone to take care of your child until you are able to move around and take charge of your things.

Fruits for hastening the healing process

After the tummy tuck, your body is in dire need of foods that will help to hasten the healing process. It cannot be gainsaid that fresh fruits and vegetables are vital in improving the healing of the scars; hence you need to take them in plenty. Protein rich foods are equally important as they are responsible as the muscles building blocks. Generally speaking, you should ensure that you take a healthy balanced diet. Stored fat in the other areas of the body can be eliminated through the process of liposuction surgery procedure. Browse through the site to learn more.

Elastic band for exercising

A rubber band is one good companion that you need to have by your side in order to aid you in keeping you fit as you heal from the procedure. Those going through therapy use this rubber thing and it has been found to be quite effective. Use it when you are in the bathroom where you will use it to check the drains, otherwise known as drains placement. Tighten up that loose and hanging skin in your body via the body lifting surgical procedure with Dr Barnouti, a board certified surgeon in Sydney.


After the tummy tucks procedure, you will find that there are some woollen parts that require to be cooled down so that the swelling can reduce. Ice packs are an indispensable part of the post-operation and you are highly advised to have some by your side. Due to lying on your back, it will ache or become huched, hence the need to have some icepacks around in case you need some soothing.

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