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Male tummy tuck in Sydney

Whenever we think about tummy tuck, there is an impression that only women go for this surgical procedure after giving birth or after weight loss.  Men are increasingly going for abdominoplasty-as it is referred to. They seek this surgery in order to have the bulging tummy taken care of. Some have lost weight and have had resultant bulging tummies which look unsightly. The rate of male tummy tuck has been considerably going higher for the last few years based on the research conducted recently.

Determining if you are the right man for the tummy tuck

It is not all kind of men who are the suitable candidates for the procedure. A qualified surgeon will look at your tummy and determine if you are qualified. Some of the things that the surgeon will look at include:

  1. The area of the tummy or abdomen where you want the procedure carried out
  2. How much fat is deposited under the skin?
  3. The extent to which the skin has become loose
  4. Your medical history will be looked at to determine your suitability.

Who cannot quality for male tummy tuck?tummy tuck sydney cost

The Sydney tummy tuck surgeon clarified the list of reasons that you are not a candidate for male tummy tuck if you have the following:

  1. Men who have huge accumulation of fats below their abdominal muscles and especially close to the intestines are not suitable candidates. Such an issue can only be resolved through exercise or proper diet regime.
  2. Of course your medical history with certain health complications will rule you out of tummy tuck.

What you should tell your surgeon before tummy tuck procedure

If you qualify as a potential candidate of abdominoplasty, it is important that at this point and time, you disclose to the surgeon if you are taking any form of medication. Other things that you should disclose include whether you are a smoker; if you smoke, you must cease smoking immediately and there should be a period of time in between after you quit smoking when an appointment can be arranged for you to visit the surgeon again.

Apart from you disclosing all the material facts to the surgeon, he should also give you details about the operation itself, the cost that you will incur for the procedure as well as the post-operative procedure.

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Which type of tummy tuck will you opt for?

sydney tummy tuck male costDecision time has come and you are to choose which type is suitable for you. Actually, though your surgeon will assist you in decision making, the final decision will ultimately rest with you. Liposuction will for instance take care of any troubling areas on your tummy that you don’t like; Trimming the excess skin or making the muscles tight will do just time with the conventional tummy tuck. There are issues you will be conscious of such as having the belly button being moved or concealing the scars. If aesthetic really matter to you, then you will find yourself going for certain type of tummy tuck in preference over the other.

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The risks involved

Just like with women, male tummy tuck poses some element of risks too. In fact, the risk s higher for men due to the fact that the skin of men is thicket than that of ladies, hence the higher risk of bleeding.  There is also a risk of hematoma or formation of clots. Your surgeon should discuss this with you.

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