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Tummy tuck in Sydney – Tumescent tummy tuck procedure

before and after of liposuction tumescent surgery

Tummy tuck is a surgical procedure done by a certified surgeon on the abdomen area-hence the reference abdominoplasty.

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Why is the surgical procedure done?

Tummy tuck is done for two main reasons. To begin with, this procedure is aimed at getting rid of accumulated fat deposits in the stomach. It makes the belly appear distended or bulging. Secondly, this surgical procedure is done so as to tighten the stomach muscles after the removal of fat. When the stomach muscles are tightened, you will have a flat stomach.

What is tumescent tummy tuck?

Tumescent tummy tuck is one of the many tummy tuck procedures and makes use of two procedures; one, the tumescent liposuction and either partial or full tummy tuck procedure. This procedure is ideal for those people who have tried exercise to get rid of the extended belly without success. This makes tumescent procedure quite extensive and well detailed. In such a case, you will expect profound results for all your tummy problems.

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How surgeons go about the surgical procedure

Usually, a certified surgeon will start with liposuction. Liposuction involves melting and removal of fat layers in the abdomen. Once the fat has been sucked out using a cannula, the partial of full tummy tuck. You will find that both procedures run concurrently.

Advantage of the tummy tucks procedure

By combining two surgical procedures, the tumescent tummy tuck saves so much on the aspect of the cost, since both procedures are done at the same time. If they were to be done separately, then you would normally pay more since they would be considered as two unrelated surgical procedures.

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The second advantage of tumescent tummy tuck is that it really takes a short time for a patient to recover.

Modified tummy tuck

As the name suggest, modified tummy tuck is neither a mini tummy tuck nor a full tummy tuck; it lies somewhere between the two surgical procedures. It is different from full tummy tuck in the sense that it is less invasive since only small incisions are performed on the lower part of the abdomen. Being localized on the lower abdomen makes it’s more or less like a mini tummy tuck, though not exactly a mini tummy tuck. Modified tummy tuck is quite effective in strengthening the abdomen wall in the lower part especially if you recently acquired a loose abdomen. It works by tightening the abdomen wall where there could be loose ends.

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Reverse tummy tuck

The reverse type of tummy tuck is a procedure that is so called because instead of pulling the skin downwards to tighten it, the affected skin areas is pulled up. In that case, you will that this procedure is more preferable if you have excess fat in the upper part of the skin than the lower part of the abdomen.

Where is reverse type of tummy tuck performed?

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This procedure is performed slightly below the breast area; hence you will find that the procedure is one in conjunction with other surgical procedures such as breast lift surgery or breast reduction.

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