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Tummy Tuck In Sydney – What Is The Cost ?


Not everyone desires the tummy tuck slimming belt. To get a real result and lose that excess loose skin on the tummy you really need to have a tummy tuck operation as they are very effective at removing fat rolls and loose skin. Tummy tuck surgery is often sought out by women that have had a number children.

There are also many people that lose a lot of weight fast that often as a result will have a lot of excess loose skin hanging over their stomach which is hard to remove without surgery. Our Sydney tummy tuck surgeon are very experienced as this is a procedure that we do a lot of.  At our tummy tuck clinic in Sydney we also perform a lot of other surgeries such as such as breast augmentation.

What is the Cost of Tummy Tuck Surgery

There are many people these days that going under the knife and having some form of cosmetic surgery to improve ones appearance. Most cosmetic enhancements will cost  a few thousand dollars. Tummy tuck surgery is going to cost around the same. That being said, it is quite affordable for most people and well worth it to have a nice flat tummy again. Be sure to have a look at the tummy tuck gallery to understand the result that will be achieved.

How effective is a tummy tuck belt?

There have been much said about tummy tuck belt or the slimming belt. From TV ads to the sales gimmick online, it is hard to separate the facts from the lines. It is inconceivable that a country so much driven by fast foods would not resist the temptation to a try a belt on and lose several pounds after just 10 minutes. This article would like to shed light on the tummy tuck belt in terms of effectiveness.

The claim out there is that you can lose your tummy fat in just ten minutes. Manufacturers of slim belts have been making this claim on the basis that the belt has been tested and proven to be quite effective in helping you lose weight. The hype on the other hand TV promos has been that you do not need to work out in order to lose weight: simply wear the belt and voila! The weight vanishes.

The cost

Before we look at the claims, let us see by how much this belt will set you back. On average, a tummy tuck belt will cost $48 inclusive of shipping cost. If you will need to apply some cream together with the belt, you may part with another $ 27. The cream will last you about two months, so you will keep buying it. There are other cheaper options like Amazon.

Using the tummy tuck belt

Generally speaking, the way you are going to use the belt will largely depend on the objectives you have every time you set out to use it. Your success with it will vary depending on whether you choose to use it every day for the recommended 10 minutes or you opt to alternate the days. It has however been widely agreed that many people will buy the tummy tuck belt because they lack the discipline to watch their diet or exercise normally. It ends up looking like you are an armchair fitness person. If you instil self discipline in terms of exercise and diet and combine it with slim belt, you will realize better results faster.


Most of the people who have been reviewed after using the belt complained about the difficulty in putting it on. People will generally give a wide berth to any product that gives them a hard time, such as wearing the slimming belt.

Branding has scored in making the tummy tuck belt appear to do what the surgical procedure is supposed to offer. The idea is to make it affordable and less painful. This however falls short in the promises because the belt will not remove the fat the way liposuction does; it helps to tame the skin that sags due to excess fat. Having this at the back of the mind will greatly help one evaluate their options on what they are looking for.

This is not meant to dissuade one from buying the slimming belt as there are better reviews from those who have succeeded. What is important though, is that you should combine it with exercise and diet plans.

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